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Grape Seed Extract for Hair Growth

Can grape seed extract reverse hair loss?

Grape seed extract is a potent supplement that acts as an antiallergenic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. In the same way as Saw Palmetto does, Grape seed extract has also been found to inhibit DHT production, and thus prevent hair follicle loss.

There are multiple ways by which grape seed extract promotes hair regrowth and reverses hair loss. The action of proanthocyanidins found in the grape seed extract plays a key role. It inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

High levels of DHT are known to cause androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness) - grape seed extract can be used to reduce the rate of hair loss. Proanthocyanidins also act as growth stimulants for hair follicles.

An extensive hair study by Japanese researchers showed that proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seeds not only stopped hair loss but increased the growth of hair cells by over 200%.

Proanthocyanidins generated two anagen, or hair growth phases. Instead of the telogen phase during which the hair growth cycle shows no activity, proanthocyanidins produced another anagen phase, a twin-peak that led to rapid hair regrowth.

The effectiveness of proanthocyanidins in hair regrowth is said to be similar to the drug, Minoxidil. Other follow-up studies have confirmed this doubling of the anagen phase and rapid hair growth caused by proanthocyanidins.

grapeseed for hair growth

Grape Seed for Hair Growth

Grape seed extract also promotes skin health, which contributes to hair growth. For example, the improved microcirculation in the capillaries close to the skin means that the cells of hair follicles are adequately perfused with nourishment and oxygen.

This leads to the increased production of nitric oxide at these sites. Nitric oxide is a known vaso-relaxant which dilates the blood vessels improving blood circulation to the capillaries feeding skin cells and hair follicles.

Finally, there is the antioxidant property of grape seed extract which is rated above Vitamin C and E. By clearing away free radicals, grape seed extract provides anti-ageing benefits and protects the integrity of hair follicle cells from oxidative damage, giving hair strands a longer lifespan before falling off.

HR23+ contains Grape Seed

Grape seed has been found to be more effective as a hair loss treatment when taken as part of a multivitamin supplement. Grape seed combines effectively with ingredients like green tea extract, folic acid, nettle leaf extract, and inositol.

HR23+ hair restoration supplement contains DHT blocking properties, antiandrogens, and a host of hair growth promoters, including grape seed extract. With continued use, this combined list of hair beneficiary ingredients can halt hair loss, and help with the maintenance of strong, healthy hair growth.

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