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New clinical trials on HR23+ hair supplement

Leading specialist hair supplement, HR23+, is set to go under the tight scrutiny during new clinical trials, in order to fully credit its effectiveness.

Brought to market in 2015, HR23+ hair restoration supplement quickly went onto become the leading non-medical hair supplement on the market, with 9 of 10 male and female users reporting significant improvements in their hair within a 3-12 week period.

Having established itself as a market leader, the brand is now confident of proving its effectiveness with clinical trials, research, and examination.

The trials on HR23+ is to examine the biochemical alterations linked to the health of hair and scalp. With a starting point of 200 participants, with 100 participants in a treatment group (on the HR23+ supplement), and 100 participants in a placebo group.

This research aims to evaluate rigorously HR23+ supplement as an effective treatment for hair loss. If, as expected, HR23+ is proven to be an effective non-medical hair loss treatment, then this will be credited as the safe and natural solution for hair loss, proven on International Hair Loss communities.

Through the use of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS), the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), and other relevant associations, HR23+ will then be introduced to hair surgeons, globally.

The European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery is a professional organisation that provides education, training, and certification in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. The organisation provides certification to practitioners who successfully complete their training programs. This certification signifies that the practitioner has met the high standards set by ECAMS and is proficient in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is an organisation dedicated to certifying physicians in the field of hair restoration surgery. ABHRS provides certification to physicians who meet specific standards of knowledge, experience, and skills in hair restoration surgery. This certification is a mark of excellence and commitment to maintaining high standards in the field.

ABHRS certification is recognised internationally, making it a valuable credential for hair restoration surgeons around the world, and a highly relevant qualification for the status of HR23+ as an effective hair loss treatment.

These clinical trials are a hugely promising step forward for HR23+ supplement, which is already regarded by many users and industry experts as the most effective non-medical hair loss treatment on the market.

These clinical trials will officially confirm the supplement's status as a safe and highly effective alternative to harsh medications that come with the potential risks of long-term, negative side-effects. Once the trials are concluded and the supplement is fully certified, HR23+ will be endorsed by the world's leading hair clinics and hair surgeons as the most effective and efficient non-medical solution for hair loss.

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