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The feedback for HR23+ has been positive, with over 89% of users satisfied with the product. Below you will find some of the feedback we have gained from our customers, stockists and online reviews from bloggers and industry experts.

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"A good product that works"

Great communication, quick delivery, very happy so far with the product, highly recommend.
- IP, Greenwich.

"Very good" ★★★★★
Hr23+ is, by far, the best hair supplement I've tried. I saw results in just weeks.
- Dave S.

"I've noticed visible improvements in my hair" ★★★★
I experienced good results after only a couple of months. I have noticed thicker hair growth and less hair shedding. HR23+ is a good product that works, but it is a little bit expensive.
- ID 1456.

"The best I have tried" ★★★★★
I have been using this supplement for a couple of years in addition to the serum. It works well for me and has certainly slowed down the hair fall my hair seems thicker. It says take four a day but I take two in the morning and three at night. HR23+ is the best I have tried and I have tried a lot of alternatives.
- Luke.

"Best supplement for my hair" ★★★★★
I have suffered from genetic hair loss since I was 22 and now 34 I have managed to maintain my hair with various other supplements up until about 2 years ago when I started using HR23 supplement and serum. I have always looked for more natural alternatives to things like finasteride etc and this was the answer for me. I believe with the supplement and serum I have not just maintained what I have but it's genuinely seems to have thickened my hair with no side effects whatsoever. Thank you.
- Darren, UK.

"My hair is thicker" ★★★★★
HR23+ tablets has definitely made my hair thicker in volume

- Sam Williams, Leeds.

"Slowed down hair loss" ★★★★
I am on my second bottle of HR23+ and already it's going well. It's slowed my hair loss down and my hair looks fuller.

- KA, York.

"Dramatic slowing down of hair fall" ★★★★
This is a very good anti hair loss supplement. I am now on my third month of taking HR23 and the results have been positive so far. I have noticed a dramatic slowing down of hair fall and an increase in hair thickness. My wife has confirmed to me that my hair looks healthier. Additional things have I have noticed are that my nails grow quicker and are stronger. The additives in HR23 seem to be working for me so I'll stick with it and see what happens over the coming months. I was taking TRX2 for a year and it did pretty much nothing for my hair loss, so I'm glad HR23 offers me an effective alternative to my hair loss problem.

- James Keane, East London.

"The change in my hair is amazing and quick"

I am happy to share with you that I really am a huge fan of the HR23+ tablets. In October 2014 I ordered my first bottle of TRX2 tablets having seen the advertisement in a Norwegian Air Travel Magazine. I was happy with the slightly healthier look of my hair that I purchased two more bottles and religiously took the tablets every day. However, when read testimonies about the HR23+ tablets on your website, I started ordering this brand instead and the change in my hair was amazingly wonderful and quick. I am almost 61 and after taking the HR23+ tablets all this year my hair is so thick that its unbelievable and I feel like I have my 'teenager' hair back again. One of the signs of ageing for women is definitely thinner hair and so I'm over the moon at the effect of the HR23+ tablets on my hair plus the stands are noticeably stronger. The HR23+ tablets really work and with thick hair again its another way of trying to 'turn back the clock' on my lost youth, without any drastic medical procedures. I know my colleagues at work look at my hair and just last week, one of the ladies even commented on how I have such thick hair and so I shared my secret with her. I'm happy to tell all about the HR23+ tablets because they are wonderful. I never thought I'd be able to have thick hair again.

- Judith Connelly, Hackney, London .

"Less hair fall, stronger hair growth"

I noticed less hairs falling out when brushing my hair (within 3 weeks of taking).
My nails strengthened significantly and they grow at a faster pace now (had very brittle and mechanical damage prone nails before). My hair seems to have more shine and it is more resilient to knotting . My energy levels increased and physical fatigue is almost non-existent (PABA and Biotin, complex of vitamin B)
. I noticed less blemishes on my complexion over the course of the last month . HR23+ helped me stay more productive even if I have to do my creative work late at night (Gingko Biloba, Green Tea) . My skin started feeling softer and silkier to the touch which must be thanks to Grape Seed Extract, Silica, Zinc, Vitamin C .
- Anna K, from Pamper Point, Health & Beauty blog .

"Slowed down hair loss" ★★★★

I’ve been using HR23 over a year now. I am experiencing female pattern baldness at the crown of my head. Since my son was born I had been losing hair for 2.5 years consistently. I tried many products to try and stop the loss of hair but nothing was working. I’ve seen a dermatologist and endocrinologist to try and get more answers but everything seemed normal to them and could not explain my continued hair loss. I used Rogaine for women for 4 months straight and it didn’t do anything to help regrow the hair I had lost. I took many different vitamins to no improvement in my hair quality. I couldn’t leave my hair down at all for fear of seeing my scalp and there was no body or volume in my hair.

I did some research on HR23 and decided to try it out. Within the first month, I noticed my hair loss slowing down. Then in the following months I noticed my body, texture and volume significantly improve. I continued to take the HR23 vitamins but did not see any real new hair growth. Many other benefits such as very strong nails, better skin, and my hair became curlier and fuller. I decided to try another product Monat to see if I could regrow my areas of thinning. So I stopped taking the HR23 to see if this new product would actually help me regrow my hair. Within 6 weeks I had lost 3 times as much hair before I started and then I stopped abruptly after taking advice from my hair stylist.

I started back in the HR23 and within 10 days the hair loss (which was by the handfuls) had gone to a minimum and maintained low losses. My hair texture has returned to a better fuller and curlier mane than when i was on Monat shampoo. The HR 23 vitamins has given me much more confidence in leaving my hair down because of the significantly improved texture and body. I still wish for regrowth but have not gotten to experience this yet. So far in my last 6 years of trying hair loss products, the HR23 is the only thing that has actually improved my hair quality and reduced the hair loss volume I experience daily.
Sylvia Skinner, Canada

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4 of 5 it works for me September 10, 2021
Reviewer: ID1456 from Singapore  
HR23+ is a good product that works, but it is a little bit expensive. - ID 1456. I have been using this supplement for a couple of years in addition to the serum. It works well for me and has certainly slowed down the hair fall my hair seems thicker. Taking hair growth supplements does not produce results overnight; it usually takes a long time to see results.

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5 of 5 Love it September 3, 2021
Reviewer: ID1005 from London, UK  
Been using this for over two years, so pleased with the results. Thank you, and please, never stop selling it!

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5 of 5 HR23+ review August 31, 2021
Reviewer: J Garity from UK  
I tried both the supplement and the serum, and I found the supplement to be the better of the two products, although they do work well when used together.
I now continue to use the supplement on its own, and I look forward to see more improvements in my hair.

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5 of 5 Love it August 3, 2021
Reviewer: Charlene from Minnesota  
I have been using Hr23 tablets for six months and I love this product. The shedding has reduced and my hair now looks and feels much thicker.
I highly recommend this. Thank you !

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5 of 5 Satisfied customer July 5, 2021
Reviewer: J.W. from Sweden  
I am thankful that you handled my problem so quickly and smoothly.

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