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HR23+ Customer Feedback Results 2023

We never like to rest on our laurels, and despite being the market's leading hair supplement, we strive to keep developing and improving HR23+®, so that it continues to deliver the best results. User feedback is vital to us, so that we can keep improving our product, and keep it at the very top.

In order to accurately asses the effectiveness of HR23+ hair supplement, it is important that we get regular, honest feedback from our users. Each year, we gather feedback from our customers about our product and its effectiveness. Please see the results of the survey below in our HR23+ Annual Customer Review 2023.

Demographics HR23+ users

HR23+ is used by both men and women, of varying ages. In 2022-2023, 52% of HR23+ customers are male, and 48% are female. Most users of HR23+ are over the age of 30. The majority if users are between the age of 41-50. Most men begin to experience hair loss in their late 30s to early 40s, whereas most women start to experience hair loss in their early to mid 40s.

age and gender of HR23+ users

Hair loss types of HR23+ users

The vast majority (73%) of men and women who use HR23+ suffer from androgenic alopecia, which is more commonly know as male/female pattern baldness. This is the most common hair loss type in both men and women. 20% of HR23+ users are women who are experiencing hair loss at menopause, or after giving birth. 5% of users take HR23+ to combat seasonal hair loss.

Different hair loss types

Stage of hair loss, and reason for using HR23+

The majority (78%) of the survey participants are experiencing early stages to mid stages of hair loss. The earlier hair loss is treated, the more hair will be retained. HR23+ can be effective for men and women who are experiencing early stages of thinning hair.

100% of male and female survey participants said that their main reason for using HR23+ was to reduce hair loss and regrow hair. 77% of survey participants want to increase the volume of their hair, while around 50% of survey participants want to maintain healthy hair.

the reason for using HR23+ hair supplement

How long does HR23+ take to work?

The majority (42%) of survey participants have been using HR23+ for longer than six months. 25% of survey participants have been using HR23+ for 4-6 months, and a further 25% have been on the treatment for 1-3 months.

The 48% majority of users started noticing visible improvements in their hair within just three months. 33% noticed visible improvements in their hair within six months. 10% of users noticed changes in their hair within just a few weeks, and only 9% of users saw no real change in their hair.

how long does HR23+ take to work?

Is HR23+ fairly priced and are there any negative side-effects?

Based on its ingredients and its effectiveness, most survey participants believe that HR23+ is a fairly priced and affordable treatment.

There have been no reported major negative side-effects from using HR23+, however, there have been some reports of minor side-effects. 97% of male and female users did not experience any negative side-effects, whatsoever. 2% reported urine discolouration, and 1% reported slight stomach discomfort. These minor side-effects can occur during initial stages of use, but they are harmless, and usually clear away within a few days.

does HR23+ have negative side effects

How effective is HR23+? Does it work?

Since its launch in 2015, HR23+ has been the leading hair supplement, and one of the most effective on the market. 93% of HR23+ users noticed visible improvements in their hair. Only 7% saw no visible changes in heir hair from using HR23+ hair supplement.

9 in 10 users noticed a clear reduction in hair loss, and around 75% of users had stronger, faster, thicker hair growth. An impressive 8 our of 10 users noticed visible signs of hair regrowth, which is the highest percentage since the formation of HR23+ in 2015.

The vast majority of male and female users are satisfied with HR23+. Much like in previous years, around 9 out of 10 female users noticed visible improvements in their hair, and around 85% of male users saw positive changes in their hair. 93% of customers (male and female) repurchase.

is HR23+ effective: does it work?

This concludes the HR23+ Customer Feedback Survey 2023.

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