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recommended hair loss products

Recommended Products to Use With HR23+

Beating hair loss is not an easy task, especially if you are expecting a quick and easy solution. Our products have helped many men and women slow down and prevent the process of shedding and thinning hair, but that's not to say our products cannot be even more effective when used in conjunction with other hair loss products.

We often get asked what treatments and products would work well with HR23+, so we have formed a list of some affordable and potentially effective products that, when used with HR23+, can increase your chances of preventing baldness more effectively.

recommend products for hair growth

OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

Shampoos are not medically proven to treat hair loss, but they can act as an effective 'side-kick' to more potent formulas. Biotin is classified as one of the most effective hair growth agents, and so Biotin & Collgen Shampoo by OGX would be high on our list of recommendations to use with our products.

This is a high-protein shampoo that can benefit the hair with its deep-acting formula. Its thick texture makes it an absolute dream to lather, and what's more, you can purchase this product for under £10.


HR23+ supplement can act as a safe alternative to Finasteride (Propecia), but if you are looking for a double acting treatment for your scalp, then you could consider using the medically approved topical solution, Minoxidil.

Minoxidil, marketed under a number of brands including Regaine/Rogaine can help prevent the pattern of hair fall and regrow hair to a certain extent. Using Minoxidil with HR23+ products can be an effective way to prevent baldness, and many men and women are experiencing hair regrowth as a result of using both products together. It may not be effective for everyone, but it is at least worth a try.

Omega 3 Fish Oils

As you age it is inevitable that you will experience some kind of shedding or thinning hair. The amount of hair you lose will be partly decided by your genetics, however, nutritional and dietary factors, such as omega fish oils, can play a key role in the development of your strands.

This will not totally prevent hair loss, but it can increase the health of your hair, which in turn can promote stronger, thicker, hair growth. Omega 3 Fish Oils is a good supplement to strongly consider taking with HR23+.

Hair Building Fibres

Hair building fibres are affordable and rapidly growing in popularity. A quick sprinkle of these tiny static fibres will leave your hair looking fuller, shinier and healthier, in a matter of seconds. Battling patchy hair loss can be extremely time consuming, and until the hair grows back, coverage of the patchy areas of the scalp is urgently needed.

HR23+ can help prevent hair fall and increase the rate of hair growth for sufferers of alopecia. If you suffer from bald patches, we would highly recommend using hair building fibres as a quick short-term fix, while you wait for your hair to regrow back to its former glory.

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