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Norwood Hamilton Scale for Hair Loss

The Norwood Hamilton Scale is a simple format that measures the pattern of hair loss in men. Early stages of hair loss measure a Norwood reading of 1-4. Anything above the measurement of Norwood 4 is seen as advanced stages of hair loss, and therefore more difficult to treat.

The majority of men who start noticing signs of pattern baldness fall into the Norwood 1-2 stage. A recent statistic shows that nearly 60% of men will suffer from some stage of baldness by the time they reach the age of 40. It is still unknown as to why the rate of male pattern baldness seems to be increasing, but what is known is that the hair loss treatment market is now estimated to be worth over £2.5 billion.

Norwood Hamilton Scale Baldness men

Is it too late to treat Hair Loss?

Although not 100 per cent accurate, the Norwood Hamilton Scale does offer a relatively good diagnosis of where each individual is at with their hair loss. If you are suffering from some stage of baldness, then finding your closest measurement will enable you to find the best treatment.

Below is a breakdown of the Norwood Hamilton stages and what course of treatment you should consider for each stage.

Norwood Stage 1-2

A typical measurement of Norwood 1-2 would resemble a slight receding of the hairline at the temples, and possible thinning at the crown region of the scalp. In most cases, men will only suffer from slight receding hairline.

In most cases, Norwood 1-2 can be treated, and the vast majority of men who suffer from early stages of baldness are far more successful treating it. Multi-vitamin supplements like HR23+ can help slow down hair fall and help maintain a good, healthy formation of hair growth. Potent shampoos, topical serums, and a well-balanced lifestyle, are all key factors that can help you maintain your head of hair for longer.

Norwood Stage 3-4

Men who enter stage 3-4 tend to suffer from more aggressive receding at the temples, and evident thinning at the crown area of the scalp. This stage of hair loss is still classified as 'early', because it can still be treated to a certain extent, but it should be noted that men exceeding stage 2 will find it more difficult to treat their condition effectively.

Our Customer Feedback Survey showed that over 47% of HR23+ users suffer from Norwood Hamilton Scale 4, and of that tally, over 75% were satisfied with the supplement. 95% of stage 1-2 male users were satisfied with the results. So, although nothing is guaranteed, stage 3-4 can be treated successfully.

Norwood Stage 5+

Men who suffer from anything above Norwood 4 will notice rapid receding at the temples and a bald spot on the crown of the scalp. There is no known treatment in pill or liquid form for this advanced stage of balding. The only realistic option of treatment would be hair transplantation. However, hair surgery does not guarantee effective results, but it is one of very few options left for men who have exceeded the early stages of male pattern baldness.

HR23+ products will not benefit men exceeding Norwood Scale 4.

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