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HR23+ customer feedback 2016

Customer Feedback 2016

We always strive to give our customers the best possible solution for their hair, and try to improve on what we already have. That is why customer feedback is important to us. Therefore, we conducted a short survey and sent it to all our customers, outlining their thoughts and experiences using HR23+ hair health supplement. Please see the results of the survey below in our HR23+ Annual Customer Review 2016.

To get a clearer idea of why our customers choose to use HR23+, we asked why they chose to try our supplement, and what their main motive was for doing so. Based on the results graph above, the clear motive for men and women to consider using a hair health supplement of this nature was to find an effective solution for common hair loss conditions such as pattern baldness and alopecia.

The vast majority of our customers (47%) want to prevent hair loss and thinning hair. The most appealing feature of HR23+ is the ingredients, with over 53% of our customers basing this factor as their main influence in purchasing the supplement.

The most important feedback we needed from users of HR23+ was how effective the supplement actually is it. But we also wanted to get a clear understanding of what stage of hair loss our customers were suffering with.

Based on the results graph 3 (above), the majority of male and female customers seem to be suffering from early-stages to mid-stages of baldness. When asked what noticeable results our customers gained from using HR23+, a clear majority of 52% noticed less hair fall, with 21% noticing thicker hair growth, and 15% seeing new hair growth.

Only 12% of the survey participants did not see any change in their hair after using HR23+. This results in an impressive rate of 88% of customers seeing noticeable results.

Finally, a common question we get asked is: How quick does HR23+ take to work? We constantly state that results will vary with each individual, but In order to get the most accurate answer to this question, we asked our customers two simple questions on the topic (graphs 5 and 6).

Participants of the survey have been using the supplement on average between 2-6 months, although it should be noted that 36% of our customers have been using HR23+ for over a year. A vast majority of 43% of customers stated they saw clear improvements in their hair after three months of continuous usage.

41% of our customers said they saw clear signs of improvement in under two months, with 18% of that figure seeing results in just a matter of weeks. Only 12% of users saw no real improvement in their hair after trying HR23+, suggesting that our supplement again comes with an 88% success rate.

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General Customer Feedback

We also asked our customers to give us a brief review, good or bad, on their experiences using HR23+ hair health supplement. Here is a breakdown of some of the responses we gained: