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Folic Acid for Hair Growth

How is folic acid used for hair growth?

It is a well known fact that B vitamins act as good hair growth agents. Alongside biotin (vitamin B7), folic acid (vitamin B9), is thought to be one of the most effective B vitamins for promoting hair and nail growth. There has long been a strong association between folic acid and its benefits to the hair. Lab testing has found folic to help promote the function of healthy hair follicles in both men and women.

Folic acid (or folate/folacin/vitamin B9) is one of the more potent and effective B vitamins for promoting hair strand, skin cell, and nail growth. Manufactured folic acid, which is converted into folate by the body, is most commonly used as a dietary supplement, and in food fortification. Folic acid is also used as a liquid/topical solution.

A recent study showed that, by applying folic acid to the scalp, or consuming it orally through a supplement, that patients noticed clear improvements in their hair, particularly in its speed of growth.

How does folic acid work for hair growth?

When your body is not getting enough folic acid, it will prioritise sending critical nutrients to the organs, which in turn, leaves the hair to fend for itself. In many cases, a folic acid deficiency leads to thinning hair, and hair fall.

Pumpkin seeds contain a wide variety of nutrients, such as zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B and C, that can curb hair fall, and support the healthy growth of hair strands. This is particularly beneficial to men and women who suffer from baldness due to excess testosterone levels.

Folic acid helps promote hair growth, adds volume and strength to the strands, and even helps reduce premature greying. It does this by boosting the body's cell production process. Patients who are deficient in folate, may respond well to folic acid supplements.

Does folic acid prevent hair loss?

Folic acid does not block prevent hair loss, however, it can unlock the potential for hair to grow. Folic acid's main purpose for the hair is to promote its growth, but as already mentioned, it can be hugely beneficial to patients who suffer from a folate
deficiency, by boosting hair follicles.

Folic acid can work particularly well when taken alongside herbal DHT blockers, such as pumpkin seed, saw palmetto, and nettle leaf. HR23+ supplement combines hair growth promoters like folic acid and biotin, with hair loss preventers like saw palmetto and grape seed extract, to form a doubling acting formula that can reduce hair loss, and encourage normal hair growth.

Taken on its own, it is unlikely that you will experience visible improvements in your hair. Folic acid is more effective when taken as part of a hard working, multivitamin hair supplement.

Other health benefits of folic acid

Folic acid has a host of health benefits that include; making healthy red blood cells, treating folate deficiency anaemia, helping the development of unborn babies, and of course, the boosting of hair, nail and skin cell growth.

HR23+ contains folic acid

Folic acid has been found to be more effective as a hair growth promoter when taken as part of a multivitamin supplement. Folic acid combines effectively with ingredients like biotin, nettle leaf extract, and inositol, to help stump hair loss, and support stronger hair growth.

Because of its benefits to the growth of hair, and its effectiveness with other ingredients, HR23+ contains 400mg (daily dose) of folic acid.

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