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What is Summer Hair Shedding?

Seasonal hair loss is a real thing, and many of us tend to suffer from severe shedding during the hotter weeks of the year. Summer shedding is caused by a change in seasons, forcing our bodies to adapt according to the climate. So, much like animals shed fur, us humans shed hair.

Although the mid-autumn season is statistically the most common time for most of us to lose hair, summer shedding is also very common. The worst thing about shedding during this time of the year is that the summer season seems to accentuate baldness and thinning hair via a number of ways...

Natural sunlight can enhance the appearance of bald patches, therefore summer season can accentuate thinning on the scalp. We also sweat more in the summer, which makes our hair damp and greasy, thus accentuating the thinning areas.


Can Summer Hair Shedding be Prevented?

Seasonal baldness is a tricky thing to tackle, and even harder to treat, but fear not, there are a few viable ways which you can prevent the effects of thinning during certain shedding phases of the year. Here are five simple treatments/products that can help reduce the amount of hair fall and increase the rate of growth during the summer season.

We have recommended Biotin many times on this website, and there is a good reason for that. No matter what season it is, or what type of baldness you are experiencing, Biotin (B7) is probably the most effective vitamin out there known to help promote faster, stronger hair growth - ideal for when your hair needs a boost during the shedding phase. For hair maintenance, be sure to take your daily dosage of Biotin, anything between 2,500mcg - 5,000mcg.

It's not just your skin that suffers from the harsh UV rays from the sun, your hair suffers too. Summer can be very unforgiving to your strands, especially if you do not look after them properly, so be sure to get a good UV Hair Protector (it doesn't matter what brand). Get a non-grease one and apply every day to avoid shedding caused by breakage and thinning. The better you protect your hair from the harmful rays, the less likely you are to shed.

You may have heard this technique before, but it's true - massaging the scalp can rejuvenate your follicles and encourage hair growth. Massaging your scalp with a natural aromatherapy oil is always best. Argan Oil is great for the skin and hair, so use it to massage the patchy and thinning areas of your scalp two to three times a week, and you will notice a remarkable change in your hair quality. It also increases the blood circulation to your scalp making the hair roots stronger.

Baby shampoo is a great alternative to normal shampoos because it has less harmful chemicals in it. Chemically made shampoos can do a lot more harm to your strands than good, especially if you are prone to seasonal hair loss. If your hair is in a delicate state, then using a gentle baby shampoo will benefit it immensely. Either that or find a good naturally made organic shampoo.

Keeping yourself hydrated is key to a healthier life. Drinking water is not only good for your hair, but it is also good for your skin and overall health. It goes without saying that you should be drinking plenty of water anyway, especially during the summer season.

Does HR23+ Stop Summer Shedding?

HR23+ is specifically formulated for men and women who suffer from early stages of hair loss, including seasonal shedding. Hair supplements can be hugely effective in preventing the pattern of baldness and promoting the formation of hair growth. Giving your hair the right vitamins, nutrients and extracts is absolutely crucial for strand health.

A specialist hair supplement like HR23+ can give you what you can't get into your daily diet. This tried and tested formula has helped thousands of men and women counter the effects of hair loss, safely and efficiently. 9 out of 10 HR23+ users noticed visible improvements in their hair within 3-12 weeks.

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