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How To Stop Your Hairline From Receding

Is there any way to prevent your hairline from receding? A receding hairline is often referred to as a widow's peak, and it is commonly the initial stage of male pattern baldness. The majority of men who go bald, usually begin the process with frontal hair loss. Most men begin receding at the temples in their 20s and 30s, and over 60% of men will suffer from some kind of receding by the time they reach the age of 40.

Frontal hairline recession is usually followed by thinning at the crown region on the scalp, eventually leading to baldness, but it should be noted that not all men will experience thinning on the crown after losing hair from the top of the forehead.

Male pattern baldness is a common condition, but the process varies with each individual - All men experience baldness in their own unique way. For some men, a receding hairline may only occur for a short period of time, and this is normal and nothing to worry about. It is simply a stage of the hairline maturing. It is rare that any man will have the same hairline at the age of 40, as he did when he was in his 20s.

5 Ways to Stop a Receding Hairline

Unfortunately there is not a cure for any form of alopecia, including male pattern baldness, but there are treatments and products readily available that can slow down and even halt the process of thinning hair. There are ways you can put a stop to a receding hairline, and here we go through five key steps that can help prevent hair loss and thinning hair from the front (and crown) of your scalp.

A Healthy 'Hair Food' Diet

A good diet is an absolute must if you are serious about combating any form of hair loss. Giving your body the right foods will help you achieve thicker, stronger hair growth. A healthy diet that is rich in protein and filled with good carbohydrates and healthy fats, will enable you to get the best possible function from your follicles.

So, be sure to consume plenty of 'hair foods' such as spinach, broccoli, avocados, beans, fish, eggs, and fresh fruit (green apples in particular) - the better your diet, the more chance you will have of preventing your hairline from receding any further.

Hairstyling Products: Less is More

We understand the importance of styling hair, but many men make the big mistake of over-styling, leading to unnecessary hair damage and shedding. Hairstyling products do not cause male pattern baldness, but they can harm the follicles if overused, and if you are already prone to hair loss and thinning hair.

To combat frontal recession, be sure to go easy on your styling products, especially around the front of your hairline. Also, try to avoid the thick, sticky pomades, because they tend to be hard to wash out - these types of styling products often cause damage to the strands.

Frontal Hairline Surgery

It is widely thought that having a hair transplant is the most cost-effective and attractive way to re-establish a receding hairline and combat frontal hair loss. A hair transplant procedure is conducted by using one-hair follicular unit hair grafts. Subsequently, a doctor takes the one-hair grafts and implants them on your frontal hairline in an irregular, weaving pattern. As good as this type of treatment sounds, it should be noted that even this advanced way of combating hair loss is not guaranteed to work. Results vary with each individual.

Get Active

Your body is how you treat it, and the same can be said of your hair. Living a healthier lifestyle will not magically cure your receding hairline, but, along with many other key factors, it can play a key role in helping you slow down the process.

If you exercise, eat well and take good care of yourself, it can only benefit your strands in the short and long term. Yes, the shape of your hairline is indeed genetic, but doing the simple things in life can help prevent receding to a certain extent, and leave your hair looking and feeling better.

Take Hair Supplements

HR23+® has shown to be the most effective non-medical hair supplement in Europe. This potent multi macro-extract hair health supplement is designed to target hair fall in men and women who suffer from initial stages of baldness, including a receding hairline.

HR23+® is safe to use, and has a 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating, ranking it with the very best on the market. This supplement can help prevent the effects of a thinning hairline, and help maintain healthy hair growth. Many men suffering from early stages of baldness (Norwood 2-3) have experienced excellent results when taking hair supplements to treat their receding hairline.

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