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How To Promote Hair Growth

Although hair loss can not be cured, there are plenty of viable ways to treat it, and in some cases, quite effectively. The most obvious choice of hair loss treatment is usually a drug or a treatment plan, but few people actually realise that baldness can be treated in more unusual ways, and more affordably too.

In no particular order, we look at five unconventional methods that can prevent the pattern of hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.

5 Unconventional Ways To Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Standing on your head

Doing a headstand for 5-10 minutes a day can help prevent shedding and even regrow your hair - that's according some 'experts'. This method is based on the theory that standing on your head increases blood flow to the scalp, and with good blood flow comes better hair growth.

Good blood circulation to the scalp is essential for the function of hair follicles, and although clinical trials are needed in order for this theory to be fully approved as a genuine solution for baldness, there are many men and women who have seen positive results from this doing this method daily.

Massaging your scalp

Regularly massaging your scalp can help prevent hair fall and increase the production of growth. Much like the 'standing on your head' theory, massaging the scalp is thought to help stimulate the follicles by improving blood circulation to the scalp, which is essential for the maintenance and functioning of healthy hair cells. A derma roller can be an effective tool that helps promote hair growth through this theory.

Derma rollers act as channels to allow stem cells and growth factors from platelets penetrate the surface of the skin. Protein is then produced during the recovery and repair stage, thus stimulating new cells for hair growth.

Meditation and yoga

Doing yoga and meditation will give your body a whole host of benefits, including the ability to restrict hair fall and give you healthy hair. This practice can also improve your mental well-being too. Yoga will help enhance circulation of blood in the scalp, improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress.

Stress can lead to severe cases of shedding, therefore it is key that stress levels be reduced in order to sustain healthy locks. Yoga enhances blood circulation in the head or the crown region which in turn nourishes the roots of the strands.

Eating Green Apples

There are a number of foods that can benefit your strands, including green apples. Green Apples are rich in fibre and in antioxidants, making them excellent cell-renewing substances. Research tells us that unripe apples contain Procyanidin B-2, a natural compound that handles proteins in a way that promotes hair growth.

Green apples are rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese and potassium, which play a great role in the development and formation of hair strands, thus helping promote hair cell production.

Taking Saw Palmetto with Biotin

Multi-vitamin hair supplements like HR23+ have become popular sources of treatment for baldness, and the main reason they are so popular is because of the ingredients they contain. The American plant, Saw Palmetto, has been found to contain DHT blocking properties.

Hair loss can be prevented by using Saw Palmetto in conjunction with a human growth agent like Biotin. Biotin helps promote the growth of strands. This double-acting system has not been FDA approved to treat ay forms of alopecia, but many sufferers of hair loss have seen exceptional results when combing these two ingredients into their daily intake.

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