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HR23+ customer feedback 2017

Customer Feedback 2017

In order to accurately asses the effectiveness of our products, and to improve them, it is important that we get honest feedback from our users. At the end of each year we gather feedback from our customers about our products and services. Please see the results of the survey below in our HR23+ Annual Customer Review 2017.

How bald are you

How bald are you?

We only recommend HR23+ for patients who are suffering from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. Our supplement is not a cure for baldness, but it can help prevent the effects of severe hair shedding caused by common conditions like male and female pattern baldness, seasonal hair loss and other forms of alopecia. The majority of our customers appear to suffer from initial stages of hair loss.

Why HR23+?

The vast majority of men and women who use hair supplements are doing so with the ultimate aim of preventing hair fall. Over 60% of our users decided to use HR23+ hair supplement in order to prevent the effects of hair shedding and thinning.

How long does it take?

Now that our supplement is even more established, we were able to gather more detailed results from our users. Over 30% of customers who gave feedback have been using HR23+ for over six months - many of whom have been using it for over a year. By comparing the period of usage to the timescale that customers started seeing results, we are able to accurately asses how effective our supplement has been.

Does HR23+ work?

Results vary with each individual, but promisingly, nearly 60% of users stated that HR23+ has been successful in preventing hair fall. Nearly 30% of our users said they noticed thicker hair from using the supplement, and only 12% of our users did not see any change in their hair from using HR23+, giving our product an over all rating of 88% - the exact same rating as our 2016 customer feedback survey.

How quick does HR23+ take to work?

Results vary with each individual, but in order to establish how long HR23+ takes to work, we asked our customers a question on the topic (please see the graph above). The majority of participants of the survey have been using the supplement on average between 2-6 months, although it should be noted that over 30% of our customers have been using HR23+ for well over six months.

A vast majority of 40% of customers stated they saw clear improvements in their hair after a couple of months of continuous use. 24% of our customers saw clear signs of improvement in under two months, with 19% of that figure seeing results in just a matter of weeks. Only 12% of users saw no real improvement in their hair after trying HR23+.

Is HR23+ fairly priced?

An overwhelming majority of 60% of our participants have stated that HR23+ is too expensive. We understand this is a concern for many of our customers, and we are constantly working to get the price down to a more affordable price for the majority of users. We do regularly have offers and discounts on our products though, so be sure to connect with us on social media (Facebook + Twitter) and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news and coupon codes on our products.