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Customer Feedback 2015

HR23+ has been tested and trialled on numerous patients since its launch in April 2014. This feedback was generated from male and female patients who have used HR23+ since June 2014 - December 2014. This feedback was taken from customers of a multi-brand distributor, in order to gain accurate information and comparisons with other leading hair loss treatments on the market.


In a survey conducted to 50 men and 50 women, the feedback from using HR23+ tablets was 90% positive, 8% average and only 2% negative.
See graph below for full details:


Sales figures show that HR23+ has been a popular choice of product for male and female hair loss sufferers, with a 90% average return buy. 88% of men and 91% of women have purchased HR23+ on more than one occasion. Only 12% of men and 9% of women have not used HR23+ after their first purchase. See graph below:


The majority of male and female users of HR23+ are aged between 31-40. 22% of our male users are aged between 18-30, but only 3% of female users fall into this age bracket. HR23+ is evidently more popular with women who are over 50, with 14% of users falling into this bracket. Only 8% of male users are aged over 50. For full details please see the two graphs below:


A 40% majority of male and female HR23+ users noticed considerable results after 8-11 weeks of usage. 31% noticed results after only 4-7 weeks of usage. 15% of users noticed excellent results after just 1-3 weeks treatment period. On average, noticeable results are noticed during a treatment period of 7-9 weeks. Please see the graph below for a full breakdown:


Results in this section are taken from users of other hair health supplements and HR23+. 82% of male and female patients converted to HR23+ from other supplements. Only 18% who tried HR23+ went back to other supplements. The vast majority of users have stopped using other supplements in favour of HR23+. This section is based on the sales figures taken from Your Next Remedy - an official HR23+ distributor and seller of other supplements.


In June 2014, 88% of patients purchased TRX2, with only 12% favouring HR23+.
56% of customers purchased TRX2, compared with 44% favouring HR23+, by December 2014.
In June 2015, figures showed 97% of customers favouring HR23+, with only 3% purchasing TRX2.
This section is based on the sales figures taken from Your Next Remedy - an official HR23+ distributor and seller of TRX2.
Please see the graph below for the full breakdown:

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