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A Safe and Effective solution for Baldness and Thinning Hair.

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Hair restoration supplement for hair loss in men and women

HR23+® is a potent, easy to swallow, capsule that can help prevent hair loss, revitalise hair growth, and support the production and activity of hair follicles.

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Tackle baldness and thinning hair, without compromising on your health.

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HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement for Hair Loss

Our Products

The Cream

Reduce hair loss, nourish and
activate weakened hair follicles.

The #1 Solution for Hair Loss - HR23+ hair growth products

The Supplement

See visible improvements in
your hair in just 8-12 weeks.

HR23+ hair growth supplement and serum

The Serum

Guard against hair loss with Keratinocyte Growth Factor.



I have suffered from androgenic alopecia for a number of years, and I have to say, the combination of HR23+ supplement and KGF serum, has helped reduce the loss of hair. Now my hair grows thicker and fuller.

by Linda Clarke, United Kingdom.


HR23+ hair supplement really works! I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. I've been using it for a few months now, and I have had a mark reduction in shedding. It took around 3 weeks work.

by ZA, United Kingdom.


This supplement has quite literally saved my hair! Please don't ever stop making it.

by @TereasaB79 on Twitter.


I have noticed visible improvements in my hair from using HR23+ hair supplement. It really works!

by Bradley Roderick, on YouTube.

HR23+ products can help your hair

Are you experiencing excessive

hair loss after pregnancy?

HR23+® has helped countless
women combat postpartum hair loss,
both safely and effectively.

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treatment for postpartum hair loss
Hair restoration supplement for hair loss in men and women

65% of men experience some
form of hair loss by the age of 40

85% of male HR23+® users noticed
visible improvements in their hair.

Try HR23+®, risk free

Unfortunately, as we get older,
our hair gets progressively thinner.

HR23+® can help stump common hair loss concerns, typically caused by ageing and menopause, as well as male and female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia).

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hair growth serum

The Serum

The leading non-medical
topical solution for hair loss.

The #1 Solution for Hair Loss - HR23+ hair growth products

The Supplement

Europe's leading non-medical hair
loss treatment for men and women.

HR23+ hair growth supplement and serum

The Tester Pack

Tackle hair loss on two fronts
with the Supplement + Serum.

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