Tackle hair loss at the root cause,
with a safe, effective, tried and tested supplement for men and women.

Reduce Hair Loss
Promote Hair Growth

Recommended by trichologists.

hair growth supplement for baldness solution for hair loss

reduce hair loss. increase hair growth.

Hair restoration supplement for hair loss in men and women

HR23+® is a safe and potent,
easy to swallow, botanical capsule
that can
can help prevent hair loss,
revitalise hair growth, and support the production of hair follicle cells.

Try HR23+, risk free.


HR23+® is a safe and effective
to harsh, medical treatments.

Tackle hair loss without compromising
on your health and wellbeing.

No contracts, no subscription plans,
no tie-ins, no negative sides-effects, no risk.

HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement for Hair Loss

Our Products

The Cream

Reduce hair loss, nourish and
activate weakened hair follicles.

The #1 Solution for Hair Loss - HR23+ hair growth products

The Supplement

See visible improvements in
your hair in just 8-12 weeks.

HR23+ hair growth supplement and serum

The Serum

Guard against hair loss with Keratinocyte Growth Factor.



I used HR23+ supplement for 11 weeks. I can feel short, spiky hairs growing all over my scalp, and my hair is growing noticeably faster. I am also noticing that my hairline is fuller, stronger, and more resilient.

by Bradley Roderick, UK.


HR23+ hair supplement really works! I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. I've been using it for a month now and had a mark reduction in shedding. It took around 3 weeks to kick in.

by ZA, UK.

Put a stop to hair loss and get your confidence back with a tried and tested formula that works in 9 out of 10 users.

See noticeable improvements in your hair within just weeks! Don't delay, order today.

Try HR23+, risk free.

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treatment for baldness

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