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Everything you need to know about our newly improved formula

Since HR23+® launched in 2015, we have always strived to be the best hair supplement on the market, and despite the glowing success of our product, we are always continuing to develop and improve it, where possible.

We last developed our supplement back in 2018, to much success, and after more user feedback, trials and testing, we decided to make some further developments to our formula, in order to make it even better and more effective for treating hair loss.

Now, in 2022, we have developed and improved the formula, designed to give even better results in men and women who are battling hair loss.
HR23+® supplement has worked for around 9 out of 10 users, so we never intended to make any major changes to the formula. However, with this type of product, there is always room for further development, so we have made slight tweaks to the supplement, without compromising on the effectiveness of the original formula.

Why did we tweak the formula?

HR23+® was already an effective hair supplement, we believe we have developed it into something even more effective. We did not make any drastic changes to the formula, but instead, we developed it into something even more potent and effective for treating hair loss.

What were the actual changes to the formula?

In 2018, we replaced the bulk of the ingredients with purer versions, for optimal results. We also added nettle leaf extract (stinging nettle), which via testing, has been shown to inhibit the formation of DHT, when combined with Saw Palmetto. We also dropped the African bark, and it proved to be a success.

Our main addition to this latest development is pumpkin seed extract. In the study, pumpkin seed extract showed that 30 percent of patients experienced more hair growth than those who received a placebo. Pumpkin seed extract, taken in conjunction with various additives in the HR23+
® supplement, can help support the function of healthy hair growth.

If it's not broken, why fix it?

Science is evolving every day, and the last thing we would ever want to do is rest on our laurels. Yes, HR23+
® is the leading hair supplement on the market, but unless something is absolutely perfect, there is always room for improvement.

We want to stay on top of our game and continue to develop and improve our product(s), bringing our customers the very best hair loss solution(s) that is both safe and highly effective.

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