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Key Benefits of HR23+ for Thinning Hair

Developed and formulated with the most effective hair beneficiary ingredients, HR23+ is one of the safest and most effective non-prescription hair health supplements available, but what exactly are the key benefits of using HR23+?

Biotin is one of the well-known additives that is beneficial for hair and nail growth. Studies have shown biotin to be an excellent hair follicle stimulator, aiding strong, healthy hair growth. However, it is common for patients to be mislead, as a higher dosage of biotin does not necessarily mean the effect will be more potent. The correct dosage of biotin, as well as complimenting ingredients, must be formulated in order to give the patient a better chance of effectively processing the additive through the body. An overuse of biotin can 'overload' the system, thereby leading to slower and ineffective results. HR23+ combines biotin with a safe dosage of saw palmetto, in order to give the hair follicle the best possible stimulation for thicker, healthier hair growth.

It appears that elevated levels of DHT in the scalp trigger the primary mechanism of male pattern baldness. Although clinical research is currently lacking with respect to this use of saw palmetto, the theory behind its use for this purpose is sound. As with male-pattern baldness, elevated DHT can also lead to 'male pattern' hair loss in women, suggesting a potential value to saw palmetto. Not surprisingly, this problem appears to be especially common in women who suffer with polycystic ovaries.

Zinc helps to keep hormone levels regulated, which is one of the reasons why it is so effective in preventing and treating hair loss. For full effectiveness in battling hair loss, zinc on its own won't give you the full solution. Zinc works far better when used in conjunction with other hair health additives.

There are a variety of essential vitamins that can be used for hair health such as Vitamins A, B, C and D. You'll find most of these vitamins packed into most anti-hair loss products. Again, essential vitamins are far more beneficial for hair loss when mixed with potent additives such as biotin and saw palmetto.

HR23+ can be highly effective because of its combination of key hair beneficiary ingredients such as biotin and saw palmetto, blended with essential vitamins and additives, making this solution a potent yet safe and effective hair supplement for men and women. HR23+ is formulation that combines the very best hair beneficiary ingredients together, resulting in a unique unisex hair health solution, that can slow down the loss of hair and encourage healthy hair growth.

HR23+ also offers additional benefits outside of hair health. Expect to see rapid increase in nail strength and growth, healthier prostate and skin complexion benefits.

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