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Why are capsules more effective than tablets?

In February 2016, HR23+ replaced tablets in favour of capsules, but why was this change made? Through extensive customer feedback since 2014, there was one concern that was raised by many customers, and that concern was the size of the tablets.

The large and rough textured tablets were extremely hard to swallow, meaning many users had to break the tablets down into two pieces before consuming. We decided to come up with a solution for this problem by changing the form of the tablet to a capsule.

HR23+ capsules are now smaller and easier to swallow than the previous tablet form, without compromising on the formula that has worked so well for many of our users, be it men and women. The ingredients in our new capsule are exactly the same as the tablets, except the daily dosage is spread out over four capsules rather than two tablets. The new capsules are also more effective for digestion, which should erase any slight stomach discomfort upon using them for the first time.

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