Hair Health Solutions For Men & Women

HR23+ Tablets is a naturally formulated hair health supplement for men and women, that was first released in April 2014. This advanced hair health supplement is carefully formulated in a GMP certified lab, and distributed from the UK.

The aim was simple: To develop and create a safe and natural supplement that can help prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth in men and women suffering from balding and thinning hair. Each active ingredient has been carefully considered and formulated to bring the best possible results for stronger and healthier hair growth.

HR23+ Serum is a scalp therapy formula that can encourage healthier hair growth in male and female patients suffering from thinning hair. This potent yet safe anti-hair loss serum was released in January 2015, and based on a unique blend of KGF and Saw Palmetto.

HR23+ is not a cure or medicine for hair loss conditions such as male/female pattern baldness and alopecia, but it can help maintain strong, healthy hair growth in men and women who are prone to thinning hair.

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