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With baldness affecting over 60% of men and nearly 40% of women, it comes as little surprise that there are more hair loss treatments on the market than ever before. Whatever some doctors will tell you, there are some hair loss products and treatments available on the market that can slow down balding and help maintain healthier hair growth. The problem is, most of these products advertised across the internet do not work. With all that said, we strongly believe in HR23+ and its ability to help men and women slow down and stop balding whilst maintaining healthier, fuller growth. For those of you who remain unsure about our brand, to gain a clearer insight into our brand, let us take you through the development stages of this potent supplement and how it came to market.

Originally formulated in USA

A well established GMP certified lab located in the USA came up with a formula that was designed to stop hair loss in men and women suffering from early stages of balding and thinning hair. The supplement was not a revolutionary cure for male and female pattern baldness, but it could provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to support the full functioning of weakened hair follicles caused by conditions such as an over-activation of DHT. The idea behind this formula was to assemble and combine a number of clinically tried and tested hair beneficiary ingredients that contained DHT blocking properties and hair growth agents, resulting in the prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. Already a manufacturer of some of the most high-profile health supplements across the globe, it was their mission to delve into a market that they had not previously tried - hair loss.

The formula

Our supplement was created as an experiment through curiosity, if nothing else. Clinically tested hair beneficiary ingredients such as Saw Palmetto (tests have shown this North American plant extract to block the formation of DHT, although further tests are still needed) and hair growth agents like Biotin (a well known hair and nail growth agent) had not commonly been mixed into a supplement for hair, therefore it was in our interest to see how effective the two ingredients would be, also in conjunction with 21 other hair beneficiary ingredients, in preventing baldness and encouraging thicker hair growth. Many hair loss sufferers make the common mistake of overdosing on hair beneficiary ingredients, which is not good practice. For example, if the human body is only able to process 500mcg of Biotin daily, then taking a 1000mcg amount would be futile, and as a result, ineffective. So, with careful research, we believe we have developed a supplement that contains the right dosage amounts for each of the ingredients used, giving patients, if treated early, the best possible chance of beating hair fall and a receding hair-line.

HR23+ is born

After such positive feedback, HR23+ was brought to market in April 2014 for a trial period of nine months under the distributor of health and beauty products, Your Next Remedy. After a successful period, it was then decided to have HR23+ developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. After the nine month trial distribution period, HR23+ was an instant hit, becoming the distributor's best selling hair health product, dwarfing some of the most well-known and popular selling products like TRX2 in a matter of months. The feedback from customers was excellent and the popularity grew so much that the official HR23+ website was born in December 2014. HR23+ is now developed and formulated in a UK GMP certified lab, with the exact same formula.

Does HR23+ work?

Being a new formula, we are still avidly gaining reviews and testimonials from customers and industry experts, but all the feedback we have gained so far has been very positive. Around 52% of our customers are men and the remaining 48% are women. Positive feedback has included the slowing down and stoppage of hair loss and the increased growth of hair. We do have patient trials and testimonials on our website and on our blog, so be sure to have a look at those. HR23+ is currently being tested by men and women suffering from early stages of hair loss, so expect to see photographic and video testimonials up on our website, blog and YouTube channel very soon.

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